We at Little Lands are nice.  Having a terrarium is nice and we want you to love your experience of owning one.  If something drastic changes within your enclosed terrarium within 7 days of purchase - for example; it dies and you have strictly followed our care instructions given to you at the time of purchase.  We will spruce it up or, if it is too far gone - exchange it for a new one; as long as you have your receipt.  How nice is that?

At the time of purchase we will give you care instructions and guidance on how to care for your terrarium - we want you to enjoy your terrarium.  Nice?  Definitely!  

If your enclosed terrarium dies or shows signs of significant change to the plants within 7 days of purchase; please take the following steps:

  • email us at hello@littlelands.com.au with your purchase date and photographs of your terrarium and copy of receipt.
  • we will email back within 48 hours to advise if you can rectify the issue at home - or to give you the go-ahead to bring it in to our store for a 'Spruce-Up' or Exchange.
  • we will not exchange for change of mind,  breakages, a gift you did not like - or if you did not follow the care instructions.

Remember that terrariums are a slow process, if a few leaves die - you don't need an exchange or spruce up - just wait for it to send up new shoots!  All plants lose leaves and grow new ones, this is also true for terrarium plants.  Check out our FAQ page for troubleshooting advice.

Please note, this is above and beyond Australian Consumer Law refund policies - it is our Little Lands policy.  We do not return, exchange or refund if you damage or break your item.

Rach & The Little Lands Team