Terrarium Eye-Candy

A few snaps taken instore during the month of April.  

Our huge vintage demijohn with it's original tap, this piece stands approximately 80cm tall and is planted out with stunning fern and moss - terrarium loving plants.  This terrarium is also air-tight, so will never need watering.

One of our classic Honeypot Terraiums, a beach scene - mother and child nuzzling against one of our inddor plants.

princess peach terrarium

We are also getting ready for Comic-Con Melbourne where we will introduce the love of nature to pop-culture!

Our terrariums meet airplants in this stunning glassware - or change the airplants for a candle instead!

Terrarium Hire

Over the last two weeks we have met with some amazing customers to use terraiums for an eco-friendly answer to centrepiece display.  So much waste is had with flowers, albeit stunning and I do love flowers.  However with terraium hire, the eco-conscious wedding or event planner can lessen the load of waste and at the same time save significantly on their budget.

We adorned the tables for the Nursery and Garden Industry of Australia's dinner on the eve of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.  This week we are gearing up with a wedding industry event - teaming up with a good friend and owner of The Hope and Willow Collective;  for contractual reasons the name of the upcomiing event shall remain nameless for a couple of weeks.

Interior Design

Outdoors-indoors is my thing at the moment.  I can't get enough greenery into my surrounds.  Here are some snaps of our Little Lands terrariums in their new homes.  Perfect for interior styling and maintenance free outdoors-indoors!

Rach x

melbourne terrariums
terrariums melbourne
melbourne terrariums
terrariums melbourne

Beautiful Vintage

A collection of beautiful vintage glassware has found its way to Little Lands and Rachael has spent some time creating fabulous feature terrariums in them.

Checkout our latest window display to see a couple of the standout pieces and then venture inside to explore each of the new works.

We just love it when we get our hands on vintage glassware, so if you have some or find some, give us a call... 0417 187 318


This time of year

Our Monbulk store will be open right up until Christmas Eve with our normal trading hours, close of trade is at 5pm on the 24th.  Little Lands will then be on a summer holiday until January 15th.

Thanks for all your support this year with the opening of our Monbulk store.  We have learned lots and feel very blessed with our Little Lands team, Ren, Clare, Susie, and Frances.  Not to mention the gorgeous Alice who has moved on to follow her career!

The new year will see us at The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in March.

The online shop is closed until December 29th and will then re-open for workshop and school holiday activity bookings and other purchases.  We will also be releasing some exciting new stock in our online store in January.

Take care & Happy Holidays!

Rach x


Prior to opening Little Lands I was studying to become a kindergarten teacher.  Our families demands and my life interests lead me to abandoning my three-quarter-of-the-way-completed-early-childhood-degree to make terrariums and become a foster parent instead!

Whilst cooking dinner tonight (as one does) I thought of having some pre-school classes.  How exciting!

Bring your little one to Monbulk and we will make a miniature garden and have some nature play!

Coming up in October...

The weekend of October 17 to 19 we will be at both the Melbourne Finders Keepers Markets and the Stringybark Festival.

October 17 & 18

October 18 & 19

A Shop

It's happenning!  We took the keys earlier in the week.  The floors have been sanded, the builder starts tomorrow, the electrician was in today and I have ordered my lights!  Very exciting!

We should be open for trade by April - not only will we be offering our terrariums and Little Lands designs... there will be a few surprises.  Think Potting Shed, think garden, think all things green.

hello monbulk.jpg

A Little Lands blog

Welcome to our blog!  I will post news of what Little Lands is up to in our ventures, tid bits of information, some quirky ideas and continue to share the love of moss and gardens.  This may also be the new home of a linked in garden journal for bloggers.

Loving this plant I have re-discovered.  I am sure there was one in my grandparents house in perhaps a copper pot.  It's stunning beaded foilage looks all the better in a crisp white planter.  It is a variety of succulent, common name 'String of Pearls'.... botanic name is SENECIO ROWLEYANUS.  Like all succulents, they love direct sunlight - so don't keep it with your terrarium all the time.  I just love using it for photo shoots!