Pilea glaucophylla

Collecting rare plants is becoming a bit of an obsession.  A few years ago I discovered what is commonly known as Silver Sprinkles; or Pilea glaucophylla.  I could only find small plants through a major grower, and numbers were limited.  So excited to have found huge hanging baskets full of these amazing miniature climbing pilea.  Albeit the colour being on the silver side - they also look like teensy tiny Pilea peperomioides.

Our numbers are limited, so if you would like to secure a Pilea glaucophylla also known as Pilea glauca and rarely Pilea libanensis in Australia - give us a call on 03 97511370.  We have some in hanging baskets as pictured below or potted up in a range of stylish planters.

pilea glaucophylla




Pilea Peperomioides

My search of the year is over and we are now growing these sublime houseplants; Pilea Peperomioides also known as the Chinese Money Plant.  Can you believe it, Pilea Peperomioides in Melbourne, Australia!

The story behind this plant is so endearing, and during my search almost nation-wide for the sweet Pilea Peperomiodes I came to appreciate the story even more.

Our baby Pilea Peperoomioides growing.

Our baby Pilea Peperoomioides growing.

image courtesy  Happy Interior Blog

image courtesy Happy Interior Blog

Known also as the Missionary Plant, Lefse plant and of course p. Peperomioides, it was widely unknown to the world for many years and was shared by cutting and cultivating between friends or plant lovers alike.  The Royal Horticulural Society documented it's history and what a story it is.

Our Pilea's are just babies, so we will let you know when they are ready and in the shop.  Follow their journey via our instagram feed and watch them grow.