Pilea glaucophylla

Collecting rare plants is becoming a bit of an obsession.  A few years ago I discovered what is commonly known as Silver Sprinkles; or Pilea glaucophylla.  I could only find small plants through a major grower, and numbers were limited.  So excited to have found huge hanging baskets full of these amazing miniature climbing pilea.  Albeit the colour being on the silver side - they also look like teensy tiny Pilea peperomioides.

Our numbers are limited, so if you would like to secure a Pilea glaucophylla also known as Pilea glauca and rarely Pilea libanensis in Australia - give us a call on 03 97511370.  We have some in hanging baskets as pictured below or potted up in a range of stylish planters.

pilea glaucophylla