Our Dear Favourites.

We do get just a little excited here at Little Lands, when our old favourites make a come back. Tried and tested and pretty as a picture, lover of the indoors.

Calathea Musaica.  I love Bright indirect light and a little water every 1-2 weeks, approximately.

Calathea Musaica. I love Bright indirect light and a little water every 1-2 weeks, approximately.

Doncaster Pop-Up Store

Our most recent pop-up store is currently trading at Westfield Doncaster and is positioned right near Muffin Break on the ground level close to Target.  We will be there right up until Christmas Eve!  Make sure you pop past and say hello!


Pilea glaucophylla

Collecting rare plants is becoming a bit of an obsession.  A few years ago I discovered what is commonly known as Silver Sprinkles; or Pilea glaucophylla.  I could only find small plants through a major grower, and numbers were limited.  So excited to have found huge hanging baskets full of these amazing miniature climbing pilea.  Albeit the colour being on the silver side - they also look like teensy tiny Pilea peperomioides.

Our numbers are limited, so if you would like to secure a Pilea glaucophylla also known as Pilea glauca and rarely Pilea libanensis in Australia - give us a call on 03 97511370.  We have some in hanging baskets as pictured below or potted up in a range of stylish planters.

pilea glaucophylla




An Education on Terrarium Health

There are many little gardens in glassware classified as terrariums on the market these days.  We specialise in an enclosed terrarium and this blog post will be discussing the health of our enclosed terrarium system.

Our special layer system in each vessel we create is to ensure our terrariums have long life.  One of the most common questions we receive is concerning mold or leaves turning brown.  While it is true that some terrariums can develop mold, this is rarely the case with our terrariums.  What people are mistaking as mold is nothing more than a composting leaf or two or three.  We also have information on our FAQ page with troubleshooting advice.

If you take a walk outside and check out the leaves on plants and trees alike, you will notice on any given day that plants have either a brown leaf or a leaf that has fallen off.  The same happens in a terrarium, the difference is; inside a terrarium the wind has not blown it away.  The leaf will typically begin it's compost cycle inside the terrarium (unless you remove the leaf before it composts down).

This is all completely normal and actually good for your terrarium to obtain nutrition and carbon dioxide through the decomposing leaves.  If this happens all too regularly, watch out for too much moisture and ensure your terrarium is not getting too much indirect sunshine (no more than 20 minutes a day if any).

This picture illustrates common misconceptions of mold inside terrariums.  

Another misconception is that moss in a terrarium should always be bright luscious green in colour.  Moss comes in all shades of green and brown; it will live through different seasonal life cycles.  Once again, if you look at moss in the outdoors, this is true of moss in it's natural habitat.  The underside of moss is always a browner colour.  Over time you may also notice some white fluff in the moss, this will be the leaf matter composting down.  Moss used in our terrariums is naturally harvested from the forest floor, not commercially grown and is natural bush moss; not preserved or painted moss.

If you are concerned about your terrarium health, check the layer system has moisture and that the glass has slight condensation.  Unless the terrarium is air-tight, we suggest a water between 2-6 times a year (depending on terrarium size) with all of our enclosed terrariums.

What you can do to eradicate the moldy leaf is simply remove it, or like we do - use a blunt object to push it into the soil to naturally compost in your terrarium.  In most cases new growth will bounce back in the coming weeks, however terrariums are a very slow process. 

Enjoy the natural wonders these little eco-systems bring and the joy of watching nature contained!


The Bigger The Better?

Over the last few years, we have come to choose our most favourite plants to use in our Kokedama range.  The reason being is; longevity and lush healthy plants are always paramount for us in both the Little Lands terrarium range - and our Kokedama range.  Not all plants are happy to be used in Kokedama.

So does size matter?  The size of the Kokedama ball is reflective on the species of plant.  The species we use, like a larger home for their roots, and this aides in not needing to water your kokedama as often.  So, for us, yes - size does matter.

Check out our online range available for shipping to most Australian states.

It's December

What's happeing in the world of Little Lands in December you ask?

We are open 7 days at Olinda 10-5pm right up until Christmas Eve.  Closed Christmas Day.

Our Southland Pop-Up Shop is running until December 20th outside the ABC store at Westfield Southland.  There is extended trading at Southland, check it out here.

Some items are unavailable online until after Christmas, sorry Guys!  We can't keep up while making stock for our bricks and mortar stores.

It is indeed the busy terrarium-making-season! 


Pilea Peperomioides

My search of the year is over and we are now growing these sublime houseplants; Pilea Peperomioides also known as the Chinese Money Plant.  Can you believe it, Pilea Peperomioides in Melbourne, Australia!

The story behind this plant is so endearing, and during my search almost nation-wide for the sweet Pilea Peperomiodes I came to appreciate the story even more.

Our baby Pilea Peperoomioides growing.

Our baby Pilea Peperoomioides growing.

image courtesy  Happy Interior Blog

image courtesy Happy Interior Blog

Known also as the Missionary Plant, Lefse plant and of course p. Peperomioides, it was widely unknown to the world for many years and was shared by cutting and cultivating between friends or plant lovers alike.  The Royal Horticulural Society documented it's history and what a story it is.

Our Pilea's are just babies, so we will let you know when they are ready and in the shop.  Follow their journey via our instagram feed and watch them grow.



It has been time to expand the size of Little Lands to keep up with demand  - so we decided to open a bigger new store in Melbourne's outer Olinda.  The Olinda store is a 7 minute drive from our Monbulk Workshop and positioned right next to the famous Pie in the Sky restaurant.

Little Lands Melbourne, terrarium shop melbourne, terrarium melbuorne

Getting to know Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a slow growing, succulent plant also known as ‘Lily of the Desert’, ‘First Aid Plant’ or ‘Medicine Plant’.
The fleshy stems with small white thorns along the margins, house a clear gel that can be used topically to help heal a list of minor skin ailments.


How to Care for your Aloe Vera Plant

These hardy, water resistant plants can be kept either indoors in a bright well lit position or outdoors in full sun.
Here at Little Lands, we have planted them in modern earthware pots with the same layering system found in all of our terrariums.  The top layer of pebbles will help to keep the moisture in.

Like most succulents, they are low maintenance and prefer to have soil that is on the drier side so don’t over water.

How to use Aloe Vera Gel

Simply break off an Aloe Vera stem and squeeze the clear gel from its base.  The area you have broken the stem from will form a callous and will cause no damage to the plant.
You can also place the stem in the fridge for added cooling relief.

Uses for your Aloe Vera Plant

Get relief from sunburn and other mild surface burns
Use as a skin moisturiser
It can help take the sting or itch out of insect bites

Get your own Aloe Vera Plant

Where:   Little Lands Conservatory
45 Main Road, Monbulk

Price:      $35

Pop-Culture Themed Terrariums

It's all happening, the team and I are getting our costumes ready to join the masses at Oz Comic-Con.  

This time last year was when I first learned of Comic-Con, while on a family outing to the Melbourne Museum we stumbled upon thousands of people in full cosplay.  It's been a quick learning curve since then.

Everyone needs plant love in their life, so with a bit of a pop-culture twist, I've added miniautres one would not normally find in our Little Lands store.... and voila!  We are all set for Oz Comic-Con!  It's going to be a blast!  Here's some teasers for you... 

Batman Terrarium
Avengers Terrarium
The Legend of Zelda Terrarium
Dr Who Terrarium
Star Wars Terrarium

Wedding, Corporate & Table Favour Gifts

Imagine taking home from a function or event your very own little eco-friendly gift.  We have sweet hand-blown glassware that house little terrariums perfect for a wedding favour or corporate gift.  The minimum order is 30 and can be customised with a special note. 

We are giving followers of Little Lands a chance to win 50 Terrarium Favours for their wedding.  All you need to do is...

1.  Follow Little Lands on Facebook or Instagram (or both)

2. Share Little Lands on Facebook or Instagram (or both) - telling your friends something you love about Little Lands

3. Write to us by post telling us in 25 words or less why you would like to win 50 Terrarium Favours.  Pop your letter in the mail addressed 'Terrarium Favour Giveaway', Little Lands, 45 Main Road, Monbulk 3793.

We will draw the winner on September 1st 2015, just in time for wedding season!  (Due to courier issues, this offer is only valid to Victorian's, the winner must collect from our Monbulk store).

Happy Sharing!

wedding favour terrarium